Frantic Finch began as a way for me to remember.

My mind preserves a consistent pattern of complete nonsense. It's markedly indiscriminate as to what memories will go into the vault. It records the receipt total from a set of blinds from six months ago, but forgets the date I met my husband. The year I can remember. The specific date, is a hard pass. I can remember the birth date of a friend I haven’t heard from in 25 years but struggle with deciding if I was in charge of fruit trays or brownies for my son’s band practice.

So I take both.

Throughout the years, my mother would say to me, write down all your stories! You’ll cherish them and so will your kids. I can’t imagine my teenagers “cherishing” anything I write, other than a signed check or a permission slip, but my mom’s been right before so, why not?

That’s what I am doing with Frantic Finch. I write down experiences, either mine or someone close to me so I won't forget. The blog has evolved into more than a journal. My writing developed into an uncanny sense of not only remembering a scene, but re-feeling it. I write with the intention of using all of my senses so as I reread it, I not only remember, but I experience the moment again, and then I ask the reader to join me on the journey.

The most peculiar thing happens to me right before I know that I'm getting the information for a story. As I see something happening, an event unfolding, The Universe, in it's weird, trippy way lets me know. I get this strange feeling, an odd sensation, a click in my brain that says - “Okay girl, you’re recording. Pay attention.”

Then, when I’m back at my keyboard, my usually forgetful mind can speed up, slow down, rewind and playback the same experience countless times until I’m finished writing the story. After that, the recording is gone. I’ll remember generalities, but the details would be gone forever had I not jotted them down.

After writing for several years, and telling some of my closest tribe these stories, I found I was relearning an event through their eyes. The story was conceived from my point of view but when I shared it - the story became their’s - from their viewpoint, seen through the lenses of their history, their experiences which sometimes completely changed the dynamic of the event. This was fascinating! "I felt like I was there!" IS the BEST compliment I've received about my writing. It is thrilling to see my words be the same, read the same, but translate into something different for others.

So I wanted to write more.

When that imaginary, red-light flips on in my brain, I write down my observations, and with no specific effort, my feelings about the experience bleed into the sentences. But then, the stories change depending on who's reading because their experiences and their feelings have influenced the reaction to them. It’s been fascinating to re-read something I’ve written, years later to see that the words remain in the same order but the feeling I get from the event changes because my life experiences have expanded.

I am thrilled you are here. Please come on in and take a breezy flight through my writer's studio filled with word cabinets and imaginary oversized comfy chairs with lots of pillows.

"Seeds to Share" is the main tab on the blog. I believe as an online community we can help one another by sharing our experiences and being open to the larger human condition. "Seeds to Share" will be joyful, or heartbreaking,sometimes thought provoking or maybe even a devotional - but they will be brief, easy to read and perfect to share.

The "Rough Nest" menu tab includes cabinets filled with projects I've been working on for a while. As the title suggests, these are in the rough stages and incomplete. The reason I decided to include them is to be as transparent with my work as possible and to remind everyone who stops by that this is a writer's studio. It's a work in progress! Aren't we all?

My emotions come through my pen. The sad ones pour out of me the fastest and with the least amount of editing. Check out the "I'll Fly Away" menu tab. This is a special place where I write about the life of some of the people closest to me when I suffered losing them. Usually the writing begins within the first 10 or 12 hours of learning of their death. It is my form of therapy and writing helps to Novocain my agony. The one about my Dad was the hardest to write. The pain of losing him was so much that the words would not come, but my tears alone spoke of the pain. Sometimes there are no words when the loss is that big. I miss his laughter and he would be delighted to hear of Frantic Finch and the inspiration for this project!

"Famous Feathers" is a fun little spot where you can hang with your fabulous friends and sun yourself on a wire above the most popular place in town. This bird's eye view tells stories of my experiences with a few famous people and then the amusing dose of reality that always comes. "Famous Feathers" is meant to be entertaining and I encourage laughter at my expense! A delightful way to tell you about some fun things that I've had the pleasure of experiencing but also coming back to the truth and beauty of REAL life. Famous people are just like us with more paparazzi.

That's it! Thanks for coming by and taking a tour. I am grateful for you and I appreciate the time you spent with me as Frantic Finch.

Much love and blissful reading,

Eleanor Howard