Being from NC makes me a little partial to the way things 'ought to be...but even the hills and weather cooperated to welcome a man back to the earth and then to heaven. Our family was there today, in those beautiful mountains with smoke on the tips, and rain clouds hovering, billowing and puffing up like sails just waiting until the funeral was over.

Uncle Lawrence.jpg

There's something about a North Carolina funeral that makes you feel like all will be right with the world even if the world doesn't feel right, right now. We said good bye to a good man today. He was a handsome, loving, generous family man who loved a wife and his children the way that storybooks have to write it for us to believe it is real. It hurts. So much...and we'll miss him but God knows he had a NC send off that would make other states jealous.

But it wasn't the beautiful sermon, or the flowers, or the goosebumps raised from his grandchildren singing Amazing Grace. It wasn't the home cooked meal or the full church of well wishers. It wasn't the full military honors complete with Navy men in white folding a flag or the 21 gun salute. No, what made this NC send off memorable, was something so simple, so understated that had you not been paying attention, you might have missed it.

As the funeral procession left the church and reached the bypass heading to the cemetery, we watched a 1/4 mile of road construction workers stop, remove their hard hats and stand stoically by the side of the highway until we passed.

That, my friends, is a North Carolina send off.

Rest In Peace Lawrence. Say hi to Mary Lou.

We love you.