Deer good. Coyote bad.

We're going to take a stroll through your imagination.  I'm going to flesh out some of the details, but the rest is yours to create.  There is a long, narrow gravel driveway leading to a house positioned almost dead center in a giagantic field.   The house is flanked with woods on either side.  A huge field lies in the front of it and an even larger field behind it.  The expansive backyard includes a modest stream unless it rains, then it spreads into a small pond.    

Deer, good. 

Deer, good. 

If you've successfully worked up the picture in your mind of a secluded house in the middle of a field, surrounded by woods and a stream running in the distance, then let's take a moment to focus on the house.  When you walk in the front door, you'll see a tiled great room with lots of windows and three deer head mounted on the left wall.  If you look straight ahead to the back of the house, you'll see two large picture windows that slide to the left and right to open and close. 

To the left is the kitchen. To the right is a hallway, which at one time led to bedrooms, but now lead to offices.  The first door down the hall and to the left is my office.  It connects to a jack and jill bathroom with another office on the same back side of the house.  The windows in my office face the enormous back yard, but I have to stand on my toes to look out of them.  This house was designed so that bedroom furniture like headboards could fit underneath the window.

Since I started working in this place which looks like someone's secluded home, I have the added bonus of seeing a lot of wildlife in the back yard.  It's like a sanctuary there.  Hawks, vultures and turkeys are some of the more frequent visitors.  Once, I saw eleven turkeys at one time.  I've seen several of the smaller animals like squirrels and rabbits, but I've also seen beautiful deer.  Majestic creatures, does mostly but sometimes with fawns.  They are adorable and I love to watch them frolick and play by the edge of the stream.  Mid November, I saw two bucks, 8 points each, sniffing one another and lowering their heads.  It was explained to me that they were trying to decide if it was worth the trouble to lock horns.  Each time I see these birds or animals, we pick up one of three binoculars sitting in the Great Room window and study them like we're with National Geographic.  They are never in the field for very long so it's a brief lesson.

Coyote, bad. 

Coyote, bad. 

Today was exceptional. 

I was sitting at my desk during an ordinary morning and I heard my boss walking in the main room.  He was on the phone, blue tooth in his ear, pacing as he was talking.  Suddenly, I heard him run down the hall to his office and as came by my office heading back to the great room, he said - "Go to the window, there's a coyote!"

I jumped from my seat behind my desk and went to the window.  I stretched as high as I could and pressed into my toes so that I could be just an inch or so higher.  I scanned the backyard and at first it looked like a dog darting from one side to the other.  It seemed as if he was playing, but with what?  I looked around the field and didn't see anything. Then my peripheral vision detected some movement and that's when I noticed a deer standing at the edge of the woods.   I guessed, (although I have no reason to understand my logic), that the coyote was darting to the left and the right to try and get the deer to make a decision and run.  The coyote was in the center of the field ready for the chase.  I was mesmermized by this exchange and I knew that the moment would pass as quickly as all the other Wild America moments had so I leaned against the window and focused on that coyote so that I could remember every detail to tell my husband and children during dinner.

At that moment, while I was in my nature blissdom, I heard one of the loudest sounds ever.  KA-POWWWWW!  I watched the coyote as he heard it too and then he jumped suddenly, like his paw had stepped on something hot then his body twisted in mid air.  He fell over and rolled down the embankment.  I was as surprised as the coyote and it took me a minute to realize that my boss had just shot him from the sliding glass window in the main room.  I then realized that I had stopped breathing for a moment and my heart was forcing my lungs to remember that it was in charge of intake of air.  I gasped and stumbled a little as I held on to my desk and made my way out into the hallway.  My brain trying to reconcile *what* just happened and *why* did it have to happen.  I have zero experience with guns and wildlife at work as I'm trying to enter payables into Quickbooks, so all of this was new territory.

When I walked down the hall, my boss rounded the corner and had the gun disjointed.   He stopped when he saw me and then I saw in his face it registered "I might have just scared the S&%$ out of my assistant. He said - "Are you okay?  I didn't mean to scare you."  I stared at him and asked "Why did you have to shoot it?" but the sound was muffled and crackly - like I needed to clear my thoat.

Then he spoke to me like the city girl I was who had clearly NEVER been around wildlife, guns or killing.  "Deer good. Coyote bad.  We like seeing the deer, but the coyote are getting too close to the house, our dogs and the neighbors chickens.  They're a menace and have to go.  Sorry I scared you."  He grinned then added, "So when you hear me say, "Hey, there's a coyote!  Expect the gun to go off not long after."


Seeds to Share

Psalm 18:33 - He makes me as surefooted as a deer, enabling me to stand on mountain heights.