Hey Mom! Dial Down Your Crazy!

I have varying degrees of nervous energy which I affectionately call the "Mom-Crazies." The joke (at least in my family) is our children will require some form of therapy, (at minimum a self-help book) because of my panicked neurosis and wild-swing anxiety levels.  To provide a few *mild* examples, these crazies are mostly generated from fear of something happening to my children.  Like, it might rain and they won't have a coat.  They might be hungry so I pack five snacks in their backpack. If one of them sneezes, my hand flies to their forehead in a second to check for fever.  Of course, it isn't just small things, I stress over the bigger ones like avoid all white panel vans, people who offer you candy when you're not trick or treating and there is NOT A LOST DOG so don't go looking for it with a stranger!  When the children are old enough to drive, I will probably need chill pills.

Up until recently, I considered the teasing about my Mom Crazy Vibe more like entertainment.

"Ha-ha.  Mom's crazy."  Or "Whoa, mom! Slow your roll on the weirdness."

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock


But, today was different.  In an effort to be transparent and provide a little accountability, I'm going to over share.


After another trip to the doctor with my son (for unrelated issues, I promise), the doctor suggested that it's possible, *It's POSSIBLE* that my hypersensitivity regarding pretty much EVERYTHING has influenced my children's reactions to SOME things.

Uh Huh.

It was just a *suggestion.* We'll probably get a second opinion. The doctor said "It's kind of like "monkey-see-monkey-do," "apple-tree," "pot-kettle."

Okay. Okay!

You get the idea.

I know that I HAVE to do better for them. The things that you don't want to rub off on your children are not always as obvious as a bad habit.  Sometimes, worries, fears, stress can spill over into their new, unblemished little personalities.  Give this some thought.  You know when you hear an older relative recount a memory and you've heard it so many times that it becomes your memory?  Things get a little blurry when you try to decide if it was your experience or something that you heard many times.  How your children see you react to things becomes ingrained in them and cause them to be influenced by it.  Either they will say, "I will never do that." or "I'm just like that."  What do you hope your children WON'T get from you? What positive things do you do to counteract some of the negative things you might be showing them?  I'm gonna' dial down my mom crazy but I hope they remember the love I showed them because I DID worry.


Seeds to Share:

Psalm 78:4 - We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.