Can you believe in someone until they believe in themselves?

This morning, my thoughtful husband brought my coffee in this!  


He ordered a custom mug and pen to celebrate six months of praying over and working on  It was a beautiful surprise.  When someone believes in you, no matter who they are, it changes everything.  

It reminded me of something I heard about children and young adults in our city.  You may have heard something similar where you live.  But it was this crazy statistic (not official - based solely on memory) that 70% of young people today do not have one person who tells them that they are great or that they have potential.  In other words, these kids wake up every day and don't have someone who says "I'm proud of you" or "Go for your dreams, I'm behind you all the way!"  Isn't that heartbreaking?  Think about the ramifications of being raised without positive reinforcement.  It affects the child, their future relationships, their ambition, and their home and work life.  It affects society and when these young people grow up and have their own children, it might start all over again.  It's a cycle that we as a loving, Christian society need to break. You never know what people are going through.  You never know what doubts terrify them into paralysis or worse, the terror that makes them lash out.  Be kind.  Be supportive. Say a positive word, speak encouragement, or show them something positive so they can see a beneficial role model.

Getting back to my husband - this man has believed in me, long before I believed in myself.  He carries this belief in me like an Olympic torch, stronger and prouder than I ever will.  To paraphrase Marilyn Monroe, my husband deserves me at my best because he's seen me at my worst.   His love for me has deepened through the years and I've never understood why, because there have been more times than I care to mention that I have given him NOTHING to love.  I thank God for him.  If he can love me in spite of myself, then maybe I can love myself to show him that his dedication worked.  It would honor his years of faithfulness wouldn't it?

Seeds to Share:

1 Corinthians 13:7 - Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.