Underwear for Christmas, 1978

Our family asked Santa to wrap his gifts including the ones in our stocking.  As I got older, I discovered that other families woke up Christmas morning to unwrapped presents. It's a fun debate but I find either way to be acceptable.  It depends on family preference and it's delightful that Santa is so accommodating.

Now I'm not sure about your stocking gifts, but ours were mostly items of necessity.  On the bright side, stocking gifts, even though they were practical, gave the three of us (my two older sisters and me) a little more to unwrap.   We always started with the stocking gifts because we knew that they were things we needed.   We'd get pencils for school, a new hairbrush, toothbrushes & toothpaste, a pack of thank you notes (sometimes with our names or at least our initial pressed into them) socks, a few Hershey kisses and of course, *dun dun dun*...underwear.  Always underwear.  I was the only kid on my street who believed Santa was supposed to bring underwear.  It was an unwritten rule that no matter what you asked for, you were going to get a new pack of undies.  So every year, they were always there, wrapped in a bundle down near the stocking's toe.

By the time I had unwrapped the four or five required *aka, boring* items, the underwear was the gift I wanted to open quickly and then bury it underneath tissue paper. BUT in 1978, I remember the year I got underwear and didn't hate it.  When I opened the package, I saw a familiar, red, blue and gold pattern.  I couldn't believe my luck. Santa got it right!  I jumped up and shouted WONDER WOMAN UNDEROOS!!!  I got WONDER WOMAN UNDEROOS!  I ran down the hall, slammed the door to my bedroom, pulled my pink, flannel nightgown over my head and ripped open the plastic wrap.  I pulled out the tank top first and tugged it over my head.  I swapped out the underwear for the ones I was wearing and I admired myself in front of the closet mirror.  My legs were slightly apart and my hands were on my hips proudly standing the same way Wonder Woman stood.  If only I had the red boots, lasso and crown.  Still. I had Wonder Woman Underoos and it was an awesome present.  Santa knew I didn't want the days of the week underwear or underwear with kittens or stripes.  I had the *underwear that's fun to wear!* 


I ran back down the hall to the den and burst into the center of the room!  "Ta-Daaaaaaah!" I spun around several times around with my arms extended just like Lynda Carter on the TV show and said, "Look at me I'm Wonder Woman!!" My mom clapped and started singing "Here she commmes, Miss Ahhh-merica" which at the time I thought was a little weird, but now it's kind of endearing.  My dad coughed out an awkward little chuckle then busied himself picking up trash and wrapping paper.  My two older sisters laughed and giggled at the ridiculous show!  They were 15 and 18 and probably thinking how awkward it was that their little sister was running around Christmas morning in her new underwear.  I did not care!  I had WONDER WOMAN UNDEROOS just like on the commercial and Santa remembered!


Christmas Memory:

*The year I unwrapped a stocking gift and became a superhero.*