Those feelings you get

 (I saved this post in good "spirit" before Halloween. It is a tribute to those angels among us and watching over us.)

We have a storage room in the basement.  It's an organized mess. ("Organized"= boxes are labeled. "Mess" = everything else is in piles.) This oversized junk closest provides enough room for our two dogs to play without being crated for hours.  Every weekday morning, a few minutes before 8, I put the dogs in "romper room," give them a treat and close the door.  They're content and I'm delighted I won't come home to my furniture chewed and sofa stuffing strewn everywhere. As I close the door this one particular chilly morning, I hear a sound.  I know it's coming from the house's orginal HVAC unit in the adjacent room.  I dismiss it because it always makes a racket.  It's old.  I'm old.  We both creak.  Whatever.  

I head up the stairs and as soon as my boots touch the hardwood on the main floor, I hear another sound.  I turn around and look down the stairwell.   I see papers and books and fishing supplies tumbling and scattering down the steps.  (Side note: We've been cleaning and reorganizing for the last few weeks so we have a few piles. Please refer to first paragraph regarding organized mess.) Frustrated, I stomp down the steps to gather the papers and junk which has fallen like confetti to the bottom three steps. That's when I hear the noise from the furnace again.  

Chills went through me when the image of that scene in GHOST surfaced in my mind.  You know where they are at the bank and see-through Sam (Patrick Swayze) knocks papers off the desk to distract Molly (Demi Moore) from seeing Oda Mae (Whoopi Goldberg).

"Sam?" I call out the character's name before I realize how ridiculous I would sound if my family were home.  Yet, here I am typing the words to embarrass myself anyway.

Sam Wheat from GHOST (1990)

Sam Wheat from GHOST (1990)

I decide to investigate the noise and I'm so glad I did.  The HVAC's drainage pipe that leads outside had frozen and water was backing up with no where to go.  Had I not gone back, and started mopping up the mess and calling our favorite heating & air company, it would have flooded all day.  

Like 8 hours.

I'm so grateful my angel was able to get my attention today.  Thanks Sam.  (Probably not your name.) Thanks, Jesus. (The one true name.)

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Psalm 91:11 - For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.