Encouragement surplus


Think of that person in your life who is uplifting.  That person who smiles, says a kind word, always wants to help.  Just being around them makes you feel better and a little more hopeful doesn't it?  Do you have a friend like that?  A person who knows how to say something good and positive at all the right times? Those genuinely happy people who just warm up a room?  I'm not talking about morning people who start singing or humming as soon as they wake up.  They've got some kind of illness which won't be addressed in this forum.  

Maybe it's you who is the happy one in the group and your friends and coworkers seem to gravitate to you.  They want to talk with you about their lives since you make them feel better about your situation. Maybe you've thought, "These people are sucking the life out of me!"  But you'd never say it aloud!  God love your sweet spirit!  The world appreciates your kindness because your optimism is rare.  You're like 1 positive person for every 10 negative people. **this has not been scientifically proven**

Life doesn't seem so bad when you're with positive and encouraging people because their outlook on life is sunny.   We are moths to their bright personalities.  Hoping that by being near them, some of their good vibes will soak into our core.  Even when these personalities are dealing with a big pile of mess, they're still peacefully centered.  We humans are drawn to the light and power of positivity and encouragement.  Sometimes even the smallest gesture of kindness makes the difference in a day that's completely gone to poo and a day that is salvageable.  

*"Everyday above ground is a great day, remember that." (Pitbull lyrics from Time of Our Lives 2014)*

Encourgement is water in a confidence drought. 

Encourgement is water in a confidence drought. 

Just one encouraging word becomes a refreshing drop of water in a confidence drought.  You've been there at your end.  Ready to hang it up.  Quit trying. You feel useless and defeated and then that wonderfully encouraging person will say, "You're amazing!  You're doing a great job!  It's incredible that you did all of this even with all of the obstacles you've faced!"  

At first the words run off, just as rain on the dry earth.  They won't soak in because it's been so long since the rains have given life to your dreams.  But then, another drop, and another.  The restoring moisture penetrates the broken soil and faith and expectancy take root again.

Then something else amazing happens.  When you receive encouragement, you can't help but send some goodness out into the universe too.  Get hope.  Give hope.  

Give your kind words away.  Paying it forward becomes so much easier, when you have a nourished soul and you have plenty of good feels to share.  Just as it was given to you, give to others.  And remember that encouraging friend?  The one who always gave you a spiritual lift?  Definitely send some good vibe love their way. They need it too.  Sometimes more.

Give your kind words away. 

Just a drop could make a real difference in the life of someone who needs it.

Seeds to Share

1 Thessalonians 5:11 - Therefore encourage one another and build one another up just as you are doing.