Sliver of light

The nightlight in the hallway comforts me.  It started at a young age.  The bedroom door was cracked opened wide enough for a me to walk through without touching.  As the years go by, the sliver of light between the door and the edge of the frame became thinner.  Eventually, my door closed and shut out everyone who was home.  Privacy and isolation became more important than a light in the hallway.



Remembering this childhood nightlight made me think about how as adults we sometimes focus on the dark more than the light.  You might instinctively say that you focus on the light, but when bad things happen, when darkness envelopes you, are you seeing the good in it?  If darkness consumes your life, do you still look for the light in the hallway?

Sitting in the dark it seems more difficult to feel out the truth.  Lies and deception move like shadows filling up corners and hiding under the bed.  You tap around and touch what you know - find something sturdy.  You take inventory of what you know to be true.  The bed, the pillow, the nightstand.  The coolness of the headboard.  When you feel out the truth in the dark it's knowing that there is that one friend, or close family is nearby.  You depend on their truth while you search for yours.  Once you have that then you slip into other fears.  I think I'm protected.  I think I feel safe.  I focus on time.  How much longer am I going to be in the dark?

Seeing that one sliver of "good" can be a lifeline to get you through the next moment.  When bad things happen over and over again and you are beat down and kicked while your face is still in the mud, it's hard to find the positive.  But when you focus on the problem it's like closing your eyes while sitting in the dark.  You won't see the light of those trying to help you and the One who can pull you out of the murkiness. When there is so much bad, it's easy to focus on that, but a true test of faith is focusing on that one good small thing.  When you concentrate on the hope and block out the gloom.

I have someone in my life who is going through so much bad right now.  Month after month, there seems to be one hardship after another.  Just when I think things can't get much worse, so much more piles up on top of her and her precious family.  She has the proverbial black cloud over her and the storm won't go away.  Her fortitude amazes me.  Everyone she knows would fully understand if she "lost it."  It would make sense if she unraveled and screamed while she came undone.  Everyone would nod and say, "Well, it's to be expected, her family has just been through so much."  But even in the midst of her bad days which stacked up into months and carried over into the New Year, this Godly woman sees the good.  She made up her mind to focus on the positive because she remembers that God is in control and He works everything for the good in His timing.  She still cries.  She hurts.  But every morning she anticipates the day and expects the breakthrough.  She inspires so many around her and maybe that's part of the reason her journey is a difficult one.  It's easy to praise Him when good light floods your space like a sunny day, but it takes hard work and deep faith to find the good when it seems as if nothing but darkness surrounds you.


Seeds to Share:

Psalm 30:5 - Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.