The footsteps that hurt

It may be years before you know the difference you made in this life.  You won't ever know all of the reasons your life turned out the way it has.  Will everyone you know be able to say they left behind a legacy?  Will anyone see the difference one person made in the way they led their life?  Will all of our footprints make a difference? Even the ones we never see?


There's the famous story about one set of footprints on a beach when Jesus carried you through the bad parts of life.  There's your environmental footprint which is the amount of damage and repair of that damage you leave on this earth for future generations.  But what about the footprints we leave behind that no one notices?  The steps we take while we live our lives.  Are we making a positive difference?  Can anyone see it?  Do our steps matter to anyone else besides our immediate family?

The life someone else leads is not your life, but social media allows us to see the fortune others have while we view our own life with dissatisfaction. Other people live lives that seem grand but isn't that only because we're seeing their highlight reel?  No one seems to want to show the struggles and pains unless it benefits them to get the sympathy comments.  Most people go for the good times, the great shots, the best events, the amazing trips, the thoughtful spouse and the delicious food.  Rarely anyone posts about the difficult conversations, the infidelity, the strained relationships, the arguments at the breakfast table, the painful decision to sell something so you won't be overdrawn.  If our footprints are real, wouldn't all of them be truthful?  Wouldn't your steps show the good steps and the steps where you fell?  Isn't the greatest part of seeing a hero make a comeback is when we see the setbacks?  Seeing an athlete practice through the pain?  Celebrating a marriage healing after shattered dreams and unmet needs are left scattered around the house.

It's not all good. Footsteps have pain.  They limp, they heal and then they get stronger.  They run harder and then they fall again. It's authentic.  The footprints you leave behind need to be real so that the rest of us don't have unrealistic expectations of what it takes to succeed.   You can't only leave the strong and confident footprints because our responsibility is to reveal the steps that are the hardest.  The steps where you needed help.  The steps where you leaned on another.  You shouldn't share everything, but it's okay to show real life.  A highlight reel is nothing without the reality of the struggle.  Showing all the steps, even the hard ones, gives you credibility.  No one wants to see *everything* but you can share the sorrow and occasionally the pain.  We can appreciate your triumph when you leave behind the real part of the fight.

Sometimes the hardest steps are the most beautiful part of your story.


Seeds to Share:

Psalm 119:133 - Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.