Two Wings, One Bird

If you could, what one aspect of the political race would you change? I'm not picking sides, and in this instance I'd rather you wouldn't either, but I'm curious about what you think of the race in general. It must have more depth than a status update and reach beyond sharing memes with your friends.

Here's what I believe: 90% of us have already chosen a candidate. The other 10% either do not care about the election or haven't decided their vote. BUT - and here's the important part - OUR opinion has no effect on the 90% who have chosen AND won't sway the 10% who haven't. The ten percenters are late arrivals or no shows. They are not at the party now and may not even join us later. And by party I mean the presidential race polarizing America with the candidates' unprecedented debates and campaigns.

So hypothetically, if this little bird could change anything about the presidential race it would be for everyone to support their candidate without bashing the opponent. This is idealistic. It's reasonable for humans to feel passionate about what they are FOR and vehement about what they're AGAINST. Understandable even if otherwise impolite. Alas, we do not live in Utopia and I'm not skipping through dreamworld sunflower fields.

The events surrounding the nominees are as sensationalized as reality television and we as spectators play our part of the social media circus. We are perpetuating the weirdness and all of the hype. We need to cool it. Pump the brakes. Slow our roll. We're not in this race - and aren't we glad? Although I bet your qualifications would decorate any oval, square or rectangle office of your choosing.

Image: alchemical

Image: alchemical

What good comes from proving our points if we distance everyone we care about?

When this election process got cranked up 18 months ago, we hadn't blocked, unfriended, unfollowed, hidden...etc...any of our friends based on their political posts.  Probably because these are the same friends who came to our grandmother's funeral or our niece's wedding.  These friends helped us move, cooked dinner for our family when we were sick, loaned their tools, gave us a ride when our car was in the shop and brought us chocolate and a Starbucks when we were having a bad day. There must be more good than bad in our Facebook contacts because we would not have shared so much with them and let them into the life we portray online.

But if our online friends did NOT do kind things for others or you, then why are you connected?  It may be for the wrong reasons. Here's an idea...give your contacts a 90/10 chance or majority rules.  Aside from political posts, do they mostly post content you enjoy or at least not find offensive?  Then forget about the other 10%.

Peace, kindness and politeness always wins.