Heart Shadow

The heart you show to others is not always the heart God knows is in you.  The love you share with others is chosen and selective.  Human love is fickle and whether or not we admit it, often has strings attached.  Love letters drum the beating heart of the one writing, but how does the receipient feel about the whole matter?  


I believe every one of us has a heart shadow.  The part of the heart caught in the gray area, afraid to beat and bleed in front of others.  We are so accustomed to protecting our own feelings and shielding it from our own pain but the very truth that hurts us, could free someone's else's heart like a balloon snapped up by a breeze and released forever. 

Our love is not an endless, wide open prairie sky.  We say it's big when we thrum our unending love of our children but even still, we hold back.  Our mate changes our pulse when it folds into a shared beat rhythm. The notes where you have no idea where their beat begins or yours ends, but there's always that song left unsung.  

 There are events that happen in our lives which startle, bruise and leave scars on those tender fleshy parts that were in total bliss only the day before.  One moment or one person can define us and change how we love.  It will cast a long shadow on a part of our heart and we make the decision to block it off. THAT is enough hurt there. 

Some hearts get a hard start all along and their childhood never had a chance to enjoy the freeing innocence of unconditional love. Their shadow has gray edge that slips into darkness and no one can ever see behind the heart.  Others see you as full and rounded like the I Love Lucy heart, but behind the gray edges is an abyss where no one has seen for years.  Other people have one day that defines them.  In a flash, the moment happened so penetratingly that it changed their love and the capacity to love others.  Their shadow is dark and deep set and has sharp lines that warn you not to cross. 

 But no matter how long and stretched out your shadows, how dark gray, or lost behind the silver clouds, one thing I know for certain is that the Lord will meet you there.   His love IS endless.  His love IS everywhere.  He is there even where the hidden parts of you have long been closed off, covered with gray dust and forgotten or lost.  Our human hearts can't fathom how great that love is.  No darkness shall cover His light.  No circumstance can change His unending love.  His love is not hidden even when yours is.  His love is not in the shadows even when yours is.  You may hold back on human love, but there's no reason to hold back from His.  

 And here's the most beautiful part of His love story:  When you allow His love to envelope you, pour into you, flow through you, it spills over and comes out of you.  The pain you experienced becomes the heart light inching the darkness away from other's fighting their own shadows. 


Seeds to Share:

Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the Lord with all your heart.