Leap Year Letter. Good for any day in the next four years.

Dear Future Leap Year Frantic Finch -  

You're opening our Leap Year Time Capsule so it must be Saturday, February 29th, 2020.

Tell me that our last four years have been greater and more exciting than we could have ever planned. I'm writing to you/us on 2016's Leap Year with the intention of remembering where we've been and how far we've come. I hope my future Frantic Finch appreciates this message and delights in receiving it.


Tomorrow is not promised, much less the next four years; but I can't help but imagine in 2020, our two children will be in High School.  Our son will be graduating in May and our daughter will be finishing her Sophomore year.  If that doesn't rattle the very floor where you're standing, then here's something else to consider:  Four years earlier from the time I wrote this, they were only 4th and 2nd grade.   What I'm telling you is that four years goes fast.  It doesn't seem like it will when you're trudging along with life - work - school - home - church - social event.  Lather - Rinse - Repeat.  But in an instant, you wake up and you're celebrating Leap Year again.  Instead of days going by, entire years slip away.

With that in mind, I would like to vow to remember the things that I may be forgetting four years from now.  Similar to wishes, except these are my four promises.

 #1 - I promise to continue to do the work God asks us to do.  I sure hope it includes writing for Finchy but it's okay if it's writing for some other purpose. I want our readers to see and believe that we are using the gift He gave us and that every year it becomes a richer, deeper reflection of our truth.  I hope our writing voice remains entertaining but mostly kind and relatable. 

 #2 - I promise to be honest with our writing.  Instead of typing words that we think will get a lot of likes or shares, we are going to write about that which must get out of us.  The stuff that matters to us may not matter to everyone, but there could be just one person who needed to hear a story that convinces them they are not alone.  We must be led by faith and not by sight.  We must remember that  just because we don't see results, doesn't mean a positive impact hasn't been made.

#3 - I promise to remember that in the struggle, we find the treasure and that all days can't be good ones. Some days are going to feel invigorating - like we're gliding above the trees while rays of sunshine warm our wings.  BUT, if the last six months before I wrote this are any indication - there's going to be more days that you wonder why we even bother to write at all.   We'll sit alone on that bare branch and the cold rain will soak us through.  Our dreams can be big, but impatient.  Give Him the Glory and His plans for us will unfold in perfect timing. 

#4 - I promise to remember why we started writing in the first place.  I will try to remember that we enjoy writing and we love the thrill of seeing it finished - even the ones that never make it to the blog or print.  We love telling stories, touching people's lives, providing a written snap shot of an ordinary day which can be extraordinary if we dare ourselves to be led by The Holy Spirit.  Life can be so amazing if we stop planning Every Second.  Every moment.  Every Breath.  I'm talking to you Future Leap Year Self.  Do better about letting go.  Just be.  Enjoy the journey and don't always be looking at our map.  Get lost.  Go wander.  Some of our best writing comes from the unexpected and unplanned.


Future Frantic Finch, that's why all these late nights, early mornings, fitful tossing and turning force us to get up and do the writing.  It IS worth while.  YOU are worth while.  In an instant, everything can change.  Inspiration divinely connects with hard work and somehow we make a difference.   By Grace, something positive this way comes. 

Seeds to Share:

What letter could you write to yourself?  What promise or promises could you make to your future Leap Year self?

You've got four years.

It goes fast.

Make them great.