Bless this food

Sunday night we grilled out.  It was the last day of January and we decided to grill out like it was summer in Atlanta.  We prepared chicken marinated in Italian dressing (simple for the kids) and as a splurge, we bought a frozen bag of uncooked frozen shrimp for me.  I love "surf" but my husband and kids are more "turf."  When a bag of shrimp goes on sale, we get it. This might not seem like much of a splurge, but to me, even frozen shrimp is pretty special.


My husband is a grill master.  I'm not bragging, he's the *only* one who grills in our family so that makes him the master.  He makes the best grilled chicken.  His steaks are like butter and he can smoke a pork roast with the best of them.  One time he smoked bacon wrapped scallops for a birthday guest of ours and the two of us fought over the last one.  Believe me, my man can handle outdoor cooking.

As per usual, the kids devoured the grilled chicken and asked for seconds.  As we plated their second helping, my husband looks over at me chewing on the shrimp and asked,  "What's wrong?"  My eyes widened. I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head.  After I swallowed, I said, "Nothing, why?"

"Because I know you and when you eat seafood, you normally roll your head around and smack the table."

"I'm fine.  It's good.  I like it. Thank you."

"You aren't fine.  It's not good and you don't like it. You're welcome."

So what am I to do?  My husband grilled this dinner for me as a special treat and I'm chewing on a pink rubber tire.  I thought I could blame the fact that the shrimp was frozen, but I believe I know what happened.  He seasoned them but didn't butter so they had no moisture when they were grilling.  They were awful.  But he was wonderful to try, even more so because he can't stand the taste of seafood.  When he was a child, someone offered him a scallop and told him they tasted like potatoes.  They even went as far to say, "They're sea potatoes."  He tried them. He spit them out.  No more scallops for him.  But he laughs when he tells people that he enjoys watching me eat seafood.  "She just enjoys seafood so much.  I can't help but smile when butter is dripping off her chin and pieces of crab meat have landed in her hair."

I smiled back at him and wiped my mouth with a paper napkin. "I like that you grilled shrimp for me."

He set his fork down and sighed, "Yeah, but..."

"Stop.  Don't say another word.  The shrimp are fine and I'm glad you cooked for us tonight" then I popped a big piece of overcooked shrimp in my mouth and grinned.

I am grateful for our food. 

I am grateful for our family. 

I am grateful for him.

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