The Search for the Broken Gold Finch Necklace

Yesterday, the children and I retrieved the dogs from the kennel.  These dogs are two of the most dim-witted beasts you can imagine, but their hearts are gold.  The little one (a crazy looking mix of Catahoula and deer-leg chihuahua) jumped out of the arms of the children and scratched his way into the front seat before I started the car.  He was in my lap, pawing and standing on his hind legs craving attention and adoration.  "Mummy, mummy - love me!"  Complete with kisses and sniffs in my hair. 

In the process of his wild, uncontrolled excitement, he scratched my neck and ripped my necklace into several pieces.  I saw flashes of gold hitting the steering wheel and falling to the floor and other parts flung between the seat.  One part of the necklace slid between my shirt and bra and hung there.

I put the crazed dog in the passenger seat and fished out the longest part of the chain from the inside of my shirt.  I found the lobster claw fastener which fell on the floor near the pedals and yet another small section which landed in the cup holder.  I took inventory of what I had and realized I was missing the most important piece.  The small, golden finch.


The Gold Finch necklace was a gift from my niece.  She surprised me with it last Christmas after I told my family about launching Frantic Finch. Her support and affirmation was represented in this present It meant someone I loved believed in me. It is a treasure, and now it's in pieces.

I decided that the Golden Finch was safe somewhere in the car.  I could look for it more effectively if I were at home rather than stay in the Veterinarian's parking lot.  When we got home, the children put the dogs inside and came back to the garage to help me search.  We checked everywhere that made sense, my clothes, under mats, and around the cup holder.  We looked everywhere that didn't make sense too, like inside the glove box, the backseat cup holder and the cargo area.  

My son suggested that we use a flashlight to look between the seats.  Before I could tell him to grab the flashlight in the kitchen junk drawer, my son tapped the flashlight app on my phone.  *I gazed upon my baby bird with pure adoration.  Through fluttering eyelids I solemnly promised myself to never fuss at him again about using technology.*  Then the moment passed.   I came to my senses, smiled and said thank you because I would've used the app phone thingy too. 

As soon as he pointed the phone between the seats, it shone a small wedge of light onto crumbs, a hair tie, one lone Cheerio and the small Gold Finch charm.

We cheered!  YAY!  We have found it! Now to just reach down and grab it.  My little girl offered her slender hand and narrow frame to reach between the seats and get it.  Her fingertips just grazed the bird.  She could barely touch the charm, much less pick it up.  It was no use.    So we tried something else.  We moved the seat up and tried to poke at it with a pencil.  We moved the seat back and tried to scoot the charm with a folded sheet of paper.  To add to our frustration, this technique caused more harm than good because it slipped the tiny charm underneath the seat, where we could no longer see it.

 "Necessity is the mother of invention."  My dad didn't coin that phrase but he used it a lot.  We needed something longer than our fingers but something that could be dragged like a sweeper to go underneath the hard plastic edge of the seat.  After a moment of concentration, I called for a pair of scissors, an old broom, a pencil and some scotch tape.  My children scrambled out of the car.  They were now competing in the strangest scavenger hunt ever.   

Surprisingly the children came back quickly with all the ingredients Mommy MacGyver could use.  With the scissors, I snipped a few of the bristles off the broom.  I took the tape and wrapped the bristles around the tip of an worn pencil with no eraser.   And with a small invention that took about four and half minutes to build, we swished and swept the small golden charm from the between the narrow seats.

Now, anyone know a great jeweler to put this necklace back together?  *grin*

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2 Chronicles 15:7 - But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.