Nothing bad happened...

Nothing bad happened, but nothing really good happened either.  Everything (it seemed like) was a problem, an obstacle, an issue, a traffic jam, a computer malfunction, someone was late, a task didn't get checked off the list or there was just *something* in the way.  The last two weeks have been a struggle.  Pressure has been turned up, patience has been trampled and our  temperaments have become - well - ever so slightly strained.

Nothing bad happened - but nothing really good happened either.

Or did it?

I felt so mowed over.  There wasn't one thing in particular that I could mark in my book of serious hurts (Rainman movie reference) and label as a crappy life event, but there were a thousand little irritants that wore me down like fifty year old carpet.  I'm only 44 so there's that.

When I started listing all the issues, problems, headaches and drama with the end of school year scheduling juggle, none of them would seem like a big deal.  But when everything happens in the span of two little, itty-bitty weeks then my FitBit might as well slide off my wrist and say - "No, girl. You good.  I ain't counting steps no more."

More infuriating even, is when my husband nods, shrug his shoulders and holds up his hands in defeat - "I know, babe. I get it. Life's just crazy right now."  No, dear husband of mine. Life is crazy for ME right now. Your life and schedule hasn't been altered but mine has gone into hyper drive rivaling that of a four year old double fisting cotton candy and pixie stixs.  In his defense, he IS a good and supportive husband - but let's face it...wives and imaginary cooking and cleaning fairies work overtime to create a smooth transition for most husbands during crazy crunch times.

I've read in a couple of different, completely unrelated books that if you pray, be still, meditate, quiet your soul consistently - eventually you will hear the voice of God.  He sounds different to everyone but He is unmistakable.  You just *know* it's Him.  In the book, the Invention of Wings, the main character Sarah practices this stillness when she becomes a Quaker and according to the author Sue Monk Kidd, God undeniably told Sara to "Go North."  In Eat Pray Love, Liz Gilbert's experience with meditation is unproductive and infuriating at first, but eventually patience rewards her with an open dialog with her Maker.  I have several other examples but I'll stop because my point is that when I keep seeking Peace, I get it - even though my life is chaotic.

Think of this - How chaotic would my life have been had I not taken a few minutes every single morning and just sat with Him? Out of 14 days of being still, I only heard Him once, but what He said made an impact.  You want to know what it is?  It helped me, so I hope His words will help you.


****The troubles you have are insignificant compared to the troubles of others. 

There are difficulties you will never know.

There are burdens you will never carry.

Be grateful for your problems.****



Wow.  Hard to argue with that, right?  Clear as a blue summer sky, He spoke to me.  Similar to heaven's version of a V8 commercial.  Duh, Finchy.  Wake up and see that these struggles are not a big deal.  Yeah, stuff happens but breathing in and out is amazing! You're alive! You weren't in a car wreck, no flat tires, no one stole your identity (that we know of), no sickness, no past due bills.  There are blessings every day that go unnoticed.  Like the moonhanging in the sky, a soft breeze on a warm day, a card from a friend, a smile from someone standing in the same line you're in.  We have a car to drive which takes us to a place where we are employed, so that we can pay the bills and provide for our family.  All that stuff in between home, work and school is just another chance for something to work out and for God's grace to show up and blow us away.  We're a dandelion ready to catch one of God's breezes and travel somewhere new and begin again.

Be grateful for all the times that "nothing really bad happened" because when you think that "nothing really good happened" you've overlooked the itty-bitty lovely snippets of the most glorious ordinary day.

Seeds to Share: 

James 1:2 - Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds.