Singe. Stye. Stung. Shoo. Stings happen, just appreciate the honey.

The decision we had to make wasn't critical.  Our family's survival didn't rely on this one decision but it was one we felt we had to make.

Husband said yes.  I wanted to say yes.

Stings happen.  Appreciate the honey. 

Stings happen.  Appreciate the honey. 

But all the buts got in the way and I needed to think it over because I'm a thinker.  That's what I call myself when I won't admit to being a worrier.  And if I'm being honest...normal, every day, ordinary decisions don't need prayer.  I have the "We got this" mentality....but then in reality - we don't "got this." Then, the ordinary, every day decisions DO in fact need prayer so I call in a last resort shout out to God.  He in His glorious way reminds Finchy that I need Jesus.  And prayer.  Lots and lots of prayer.

So I made my petition to God and laid out all of my concerns.  I wrapped it up in a neat little prayer bow and said, "We'll wait to make a decision until we know that the "yes" is from You."  Sounds reasonable right?  We put it before God and then examine our life through a microscope - dissecting everything that happens to us as a potential "sign."  EVERYTHING around me turns into a green light or a stop sign.  I've been known to consider a coffee stain on a napkin or debate the way a bird looks at me through the window just before splashing in her bath. Does any of it have meaning?  Is there any relevance whatsoever to my prayer?  

*If* there is an over-thinkers anonymous, I should be a member....on the board....or founder....whatever.... It doesn't matter because right now I'm going to share with you what happened to us in the span of 24 hours after having this special prayer time with God.

I *singed* (burnt the crap out of) my hand on the oven rack at 400 degrees.  Now I have a burn mark across the back of my right hand that looks like a long, wide scratch.  It's purple and swollen and lined up in such a perfect way that it appears I did it on purpose.  It says - "I'm number one for idiocy."

Same day: My daughter gets a *stye* in her right eye. Overnight it became swollen with a round pimple on the top of her eyelid.  Her beautiful face masked by this red tyrant taking residence near her sky blue eyes.  She was in pain and I was having none of it.  After two quick (that's laughable) trips to the doctor and the drug store, we are now participants in eye drop gymnastics.  

The next afternoon I was stung by a honey bee on my left shoulder.  The stinger broke off in two parts which made fishing the pieces out of my angry red skin, mildly painful.  I told my girlfriends that I should get extra credit parent points because I didn't scream, cry or pass out after it happened.

I mean.  The children. Bless.

But wait, there's more.  Then came the shoo.

My husband arrived home from work and his car appeared to have been attacked by a thousand geese with loose stool.  Hand over my heart and one hand over my nose - I promise I have never seen so much shoo in my life.  I asked my love, if perhaps on his way home; he lost his way and drove through a geese sanctuary during mating season.  He dropped his head and shrugged.   He said, "I dunno' a bunch flew over me and I guess our white van was like porcelain."

Singe, Stye, Stung and Shoo.

Within 24 hours, the four "s's" hit our family.  A tragedy? No.  A rather inconvenient series of events - yes.  All of this put my worried woman's heart on the treadmill.  I implored my husband to wait on any and all decisions until our life was not so "shooy."  Now was NOT the time for us to make a decision.  I explained that even if these were NOT signs from above, we were not the people, nor was this the right time to move forward with a YES.  We were in a HOLDING PATTERN.  

He added, "or maybe, WASHING THE CAR pattern."

But here's the thing:  I believe distractions happen for a reason, to slow us down like the singe on my hand.  To wait and see things more clearly, like my daughter's stye.  To shoulder some pain as the bee sting reminded me.  And that everyday, shoo happens to decent people out of the blue, clear sky.  It's all in how you look at it.  You can choose to see the negative or you can choose to see the good.

Prayer reminds you of who is in control and that all of your decisions can wait on His timing.


Seeds to Share: 

Philippians 4:6 - Do not be anxious about anything, but in EVERY situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.