Elephant Ears

The fine, yellow lines mark a roadway of growth.  Basking in the sun, the oversized palms catch every drop of rain, irrigation spray and dew.  Veins of track going in different directions but longing for the same thing. 

Nourishment. Light. Water. Love.

***The wind whispers and the leaves nod in agreement.***

The leaves fan out, creating a display of healthy, heart shaped ears. Their broad leaves reflect back to the world the result of the sun's rays and water.


Just like the Elephant Ear plant, our relief comes from where it comes.  We can't decide when or where our "rain" or help will come.  Have you ever been so convinced that someone (*a friend* *a spouse* *a boss* *a parent*) was going to be the one to help you?  One of your reliables let you down and you were razed when they didn't offer support.  You reached out to them, stretched to grasp that one drop of relief but it wasn't there.  Were you resentful to them for not providing respite, or more frustrated with yourself because you risked pride to expect assistance from them?  We are waiting on the rain and looking to those we know and depend on to relieve the suffering.

***The faintest breeze gives the broad leaves movement like a hand wave.  "Toodle-oo! I'll see you soon.  I know you'll be here for me."***

Maybe you do what I do. We spend our time staring at the problem and then wait on our true-blues to fix it...or help us fix it. We're confident they will help us - no matter the issue. Then they don't. Or can't. Or maybe they're unaware of a problem in our life because they have problems in theirs. Ah-ha! There it is. Hello reality and the human experience. Right as rain doesn't seem as convincing when you're several months into drought. We are ALL going through something.


We spend ALL of our time waiting on the rain. The ship. The help.   But if we are all consumers yearning for relief, then what happens to the producers providing it?  We depend on the rainmakers without realizing that it is we who need to pour out and into someone else's need.  The fastest way to break away from wallowing in our problems is to bless someone else and help alleviate their worries.  Be the solace they need.  Be the rain.   We should listen more.  Like those big elephant ears.

Then without fail, something amazing happens.  Someone completely unexpected gives us the relief we need.  Happens all the time, doesn't it?  It's like a garden hose, an irrigation head, the little old lady across the street carrying a watering can.  Someone entirely unexpected gives us exactly what we need when we need it.

***Shaking their leafy faces in disbelief, they appear to laugh at the gust.***

If God spent this much time on a plant we call Elephant Ears, then why would he begin a work in you and not bring it to completion?  Help others and you will get all the nourishment you need.

Seeds to Share:

Psalm 121:1-2 - I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?  My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.