Step away

Just before I stepped into the shower this morning I noticed that my left wrist was puffy and red.  I discovered it when I took off my FitBit from wearing it all night.  I had a swollen, squishy mass on my arm at the base of my wrist.  I wrapped myself in a towel and asked my husband "to come look at this" which by the way, is never good when someone says that from the bathroom.

He rubbed his eyes, yawned and asked if I slept on it funny and it maybe cut off the circulation.  It wasn't numb or tingling, so, no; but it itched like mad.  He pressed on the soft center mass like he was testing the firmness of a waterbed.  "Eww" was his assessment.

After I showered, I moved the FitBit to the other wrist so that whatever was wrong with my NON-DOMINANT wrist would have time to heal.  You might be wondering why I didn't leave the silly thing off today.  Two reasons.  One:  I've worn my FitBit for months and never had any problems, I just normally don't fall asleep wearing it.  Two:  Counting steps has been a personal goal of mine since January 1 so I'm not stopping 10K steps a day for a swollen wrist.


This is all wrong.  It's one thing to have a commitment to a goal, but another one to become so myopic that personal health is dismissed.  Isn't that the whole point of the FitBit - to help you get healthy but I had a puffy, swollen rash thing happening but BY George, it was still counting my steps!  My ridiculous attitude towards this made me think how often I steam ahead to accomplish whatever goal I think I need to accomplish.  I miss the signs to slow me down along the way.  You know what's ironic is that I ask God for signs all the time but I wonder how many of them I overlook or ignore?  I'm such a planner that oftentimes life slips by while I've got my nose buried in lists, steps and to-dos.

We were having dinner one night not long ago and I made the announcement that we had to plan a fun time as a last hoo-rah before school starts.  Nothing big.  Just schedule something to do as a family before routine and homework and after school practice set limits on our time together.  A half an hour went by with a noisy kitchen filled with laughter.  We were cracking jokes, remembering fun experiences and poking fun at one another.    Realizing that I wasn't accomplishing ANY planning, I finally said - "Okay enough - we have to decide what we are going to do together as a family!"  A strange silence drifted down into the center of the table and the four of us looked at each other unsure of what to say.  It was my fault.  I'd popped the proverbial balloon.  What was big, and red and bouncing around in delight and happiness now sailed through the room and landed with a flop on the floor.  In an effort to plan - I missed that what we were just doing....laughing and joking with one another was in fact really great quality family time.

And honestly, how much longer until there are three at the table and then only two?


I love making lists, setting goals and using my FitBit.  How many of you remember Wii Sports? Even Wii had a sign with a picture of open window that would pop up between games - "Why not take a break?"

The swollen wrist made me ask some questions and realize, WHO it is that I'm trying to be healthy for!

Reach our goals.

Do the steps.

Make our lists.

But do it with and FOR the people you love.


Seeds to Share

Proverbs 19:21 - Many are the plans in the mind of man but it is the purpose of The Lord that will stand.