Faith by squinting. Don't look. Trust.

Faith by squinting.  Don't look.  Trust. 

Faith by squinting.  Don't look.  Trust. 

Our eyes burn when we look directly into the sun. We squint when there's a glare. Even the brightness reflected off a car windshield walking through a parking lot will make our eyes water and sting. But none of this changes our love of sunshine.  We are comforted by its regular rise and set.  We know it's there even when we don't see it.  It warms us and helps everything grow and become what it's meant to be.  It's a one-sided relationship.  The sun gives to us, but doesn't receive anything in return except our appreciation.

Switch gears with me and think about that one friend, maybe your spouse who you can - without saying a word - know what the other is thinking. Your eyes have communicated the entire message without words, gestures or even a lot of expression. You know one another. Things have happened between the two of you that connect on a deeper level. Time, experience, and familiarity has woven your communication into the magic of knowing.

Building a relationship with anyone takes time.  Creating one that is healthy and encouraging takes even longer.  Trust doesn't come easy these days because everyone seems to be out for themselves and no one does something for the sheer joy of doing it....people want a good deed to be snap chatted, tweeted or at least put on their resume.  We've become skeptical of the people who want to make a connection with us.  What do they want from me?  What benefit am I to them?  Has networking become a shallow version of our relationships?  We know a person in a certain field of expertise, but we couldn't tell you what that he enjoys kayaking, dances to bohemian music or that he just moved his mother into a long-term care facility.  How would we know?  We've never been to a concert with him and we didn't offer to pack boxes for his mom's move either.  

It's hard for us to accept the process and allow trust to build and strong bonds to form.  But with everything - there is trial and error, mistakes, bad judgement, horrible timing and then, completely by surprise your friend showed up, pulled through and saved you when you least expected it.  Because maybe you showed up on move day with a bag of egg and cheese biscuits, or maybe you called the radio station until you won a pair of tickets to the city music festival because his birthday is next month.  Slowly through a series of events, relationships are formed through mutual experiences and events and you discover you have a friend.  Or better yet - you've become a friend.

But with God it's different.  Your relationship with Him is limited only by your faith.  And total reveal here - mine hasn't always been that great.  He never wavered in wanting a deep relationship with me but I sure have wandered.  Back and forth across that desert, around and around that same tired old mountain.  Lost.  I'm certain now He wanted me to look to Him.  Ask Him for guidance.  But He patiently waited for me to ask Him into my heart again.  His loyalty and companionship never faltered.  Mine did, but He knew it would, and He loves me still.

With God, we don't have to show up with a bag of biscuits or concert tickets.  There's no need to prove anything.  He wants our hearts.  He wants our time.  There's nothing He wants more than a relationship based on TRUST in Him.  It sounds easy, but it takes practice.  Commitment and a series of events and life experiences will show you - time and again - He *was* there for you and He will be there in the future.

Feel your faith.  Warm your relationship and set your soul on fire. 


Isaiah 60:1 - Arise, shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. 

Ecclesiastes 11:7 - Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the the eyes to behold the sun!