Cardinal hitting window

Some days I feel like this cardinal is my spirit animal.

We’re repeating the same task yet expecting different results. 

We boldly approach challenges…head on.

To the world we present confidence in doing what we do, in the same way we’ve always done. How brave would it be, if we overcame the fear of a new path? What if the problems were the same but we produced different results? Maybe the objection wouldn’t matter anymore. We’d begin an alternate journey instead! What an exciting change of scenery - the beauty and wonder of the unknown.

But we won’t travel a new path. Not right now, because this is what we know.

There's a block in front of me and it's my own fault. But there’s comfort in the familiar path even when it hurts.

I could fly around it. But I'm captivated by the clear image. I watch reflections of myself as I repeat the task. I pretend that dreams turn into reality. I can see the destination. A flutter of my wings - outstretched - approaching where I want to land. But I'm foolish and fly headstrong into the passage that could break my neck and end it all.  

“C'mon little, red bird.” I tell him, (and myself) in a whisper.

There are other challenges for you in this world! Go away from here and find something new. Feel the sun on your wings. Drink spring rain from a clear puddle. There's so much more than what’s in front of you. There’s a whole world that offers more than you can see in that reflection. 

Others see your potential. Those who love you and imagine all of your opportunities.

Yet you only see this one way. Flailing yourself into the only path you see for yourself. 

Why do you repeat failure in your experience, but forget the miracle that you can fly?

Please fly up. 

I beg you to go around. 

Silly red bird, the obstacles in front of you are you.

Dare to find your freedom in the unknown.

The background reflection is the entire world. Waiting.