Cardinal hitting window

Some days I feel like this Cardinal is my spirit animal.

Doing the same thing and expecting different results.  I approach challenges boldly having all the confidence of doing it the same way I've always done.  Instead, how brave would it be to overcome the fear of the new path?  It could be the same problem but a different solution.  A different journey. The beauty of courage to approach a problem by journeying into the unknown. 

Why must I keep flinging myself into something I believe in but getting smacked down for my efforts.  Why am I smacking my head into what I see as a clear path? There's a block and it's my own. And it's what I know.  The path is familiar.

I could fly around it.  Over it.  But I'm captivated by the clear image and direction.  Watching reflections of myself as if the dream is becoming reality.  Wings outstretched, approaching where I want to land.  But I'm foolish.  I fly headstrong, into the path that could break my neck and end it all.  

C'mon little, red bird.

There are other challenges for you in this world. Feel the sun on your wings.  Drink water from a clear puddle after a spring rain. There's more than what is in front of you.  There is a world that wants to offer you more than what you can see.  Others can see your potential.  They can imagine all the opportunities for you and yet you only see this one.  Flailing yourself into the only path you see.  You set your experience with failure on repeat, but forget the miracle that you can fly.

Fly up. 

Fly around. 

Move around the obstacles in front of you. Daring to find your freedom in the unknown. Not just the same path you know.