Taking a (kindness) Stand

The damage has been done. Her wing won't ever beat it's way into flight. It won't coast on the breeze just before it breaks the sky's reflection in the lake as she lands. Her brokenness is not a life sentence, it's her life finding another way. And sometimes she relies on others for healing and nurturing.


I haven't wanted to put into words what I've been feeling these last few weeks.  I'm afraid my words would be covered by nearly everyone else's words who have access to a computer and a news feed.  But I think this image of a goose with a broken wing embodies the political environment.  It's existing, but it's struggling.  I took this shot when I was feeling bluesy and pity-partyish and this goose just ruined it for me.  How could I feel sorry for myself and our country when her options have been reduced to this?  She carries on because it never occurred to her NOT to carry on.  What choice does she have?  How can you look at something so humble, broken and not feel compassion for their will to survive?  That's us.  That's America.  We are broken and torn and fighting amongst ourselves but it never occurred to us to not continue.  Some of you may criticize me for not "taking a stand" or avoiding posting my political beliefs but I never wanted Finch to take a stand, wave a banner or cross enemy lines.  I wanted a safe place to explore this world and my small place in it when it all just gets to be too much.  And America is too much right now.  But it carries on - because what choice do we have?

Honestly, I am afraid.  If I write what I feel, even as it splits open my heart, will it jeopardize my fledgling writing career?  More importantly, what about my school age children?  Will the teachers treat them differently if they discover how I feel?  Will their classmates shun them because of the political position of their mom or dad?  How will it affect my online friendships?  Are they really friends if they choose not to connect with me because our politics differ? What about my job? When I write words that criticizes one and celebrates another - that action will categorize me.  I will have earned my label.  Are we all going to have to post our views as a sign on our virtual lapel?  Who decides who is good and who has to go?  I don't think it's the people in power.  It's the citizens who are too afraid to stand up to injustice and hide to protect their own families and interests.  And here I am - hiding.

I believe there are many like me who choose to lay low and not publicly pick a side. Does that make us weak?  Do you think we're cowards for not announcing our position?  Do you think less of us because you can't cram down the lid on our box?  Are you aggravated because we clutter your room, and sit in the corner as your unfinished business because you can't decide if we're going to the attic or the basement?

If you've already judged me before I've chosen a side then we've already ripped the seams on our tattered society quilt.  America is better than this.  Supporting one charity doesn't diminish another.  We can love and support our homeless AND we can love and support the Refugees.  It does not have to be either OR.  Putting good into the world will always be a good thing.

Just ask the goose that will never fly again after it eats the corn left by the kindness of others. 

Be kind.  Be supportive.  Be a vet who can fix a broken wings.