Flowers In Between The Fence

 If you ride the fence too long, you'll end up with splinters.  - Unknown


Instead of "on the fence" or picking a side of the fence - have you ever thought of growing and blooming and stretching for the sunlight between and through the fence?  Flowers can't help where they are planted or where they land from a seed scattered by the wind - they just go about the business of growing and blooming in the only way they know how.  By adapting.  I saw a quote on one of my friends pages that goes something like this:  Toddlers don't begin the study of learning how to walk, then after they fall several times, suggest that maybe walking just isn't for them.  Nope.  They keep on keeping on until they figure out the process of one foot in front of the other.  It's nature.  Same with the stubborn blooming flowers.  They continue to grow regardless of obstacles.  They adapt and become one with the fence in such a way that the fence becomes blurred and you don't see the barrier, you only see the blooms.  You see the good and the beauty softens the border.

Here's my point, and I do have one.  Division is good in math class. 

Separation is helpful when you're sorting clothes for the wash. 

Sides are ideal when you're cheering for a team.

And fences that govern a school yard by halting errant balls and preventing preoccupied children from running into the street have a well served purpose.  This safety measure obviously reasons with academia and matters of a parent's heart.  Protect the children from themselves and distracted drivers.

We can accept the foundation of boundaries.  The limits of what's acceptable on your side or my side but we NEED the flowers in the middle.  Those persistent warmhearted individuals everyone seems to love.  The people who smile in spite of life.  Laughter IS their most natural dialogue.  Compassion moves through them as easily as daffodils sunny faces rocking in the wind.


A friend will overlook the broken fence and admire the flowers in your garden. - Unknown


It's that full-on bear hug squeeze you get just when you thought we were doing the polite pat and sideways half hug.  It takes you by surprise but feels so good to be human and connect and be a deeper real.  Those angels who break up nervous tension with soft encouraging words and expectant eyes anxious to see what you'll say.  They're the ones we need right now.  The beautiful in-between fence growers.  The flowers that grow between that rock and very hard place to show that life will flourish with sunshine and rain.  Life accepting the good and the bad and weathering it all.


Fear is the highest fence. - Dudley Nichols


We need you.  Not only the peacekeepers, but the gentle reaching creatures that make you forget why you were fencing in the first place.  The Labradors Retrievers of the human variety.  The unconditional loves who can't wait to see us again.  The free spirits who beckon us to forget about our worries for just a little while and go for a walk or throw a ball.  Send it over the fence and we can leave this gate and find it together. Search for the ball, find a friend, set out on a journey that's not just our back yard.  Travel is the greatest way to see what little space we have in the world.  Travel outside your fence to open your mind and expand your heart.  Compassion can't help but make a home in your soul.


The same fence that shuts others out, keeps you in. - Bill Copeland


I want to be the flowers that poke their bright faces through the fence and spread colorful joy for the heck of it.  I want to show the world wild, breezy images of every shade and hue. I want to be the flowers that even if temporary - camouflage what divides us and gives beauty a chance to join us.  I want to be a flower that makes people smile.  Even the most delicate flowers, damaged and broken can lead people to the fence.  Their paper thin petals, scattered and crushed can create a captivating path for explorers walking toward the fence.  As the traveler approaches, the blended aromatic fragrances will drift into their nose and settle into a soft spot in the soul.  The native will hear the busyness of bees and birds, seeking food and nest.   We can turn the border into a vibrant gathering place without losing our integrity boundary.


Seeds to Share

2 Corinthians 6:12-13

12 We didn't fence you in. The smallness you feel comes from within you.  Your lives aren't small, but you're living them in a small way.  13 I'm speaking as plainly as I can and with great affection.  Open your lives.  Live openly and expansively!