Coming Together with Struggles and Solutions

How are you?

Tell me you’re a couple notches better than just okay. I hope you are. Geez Louise, these last few weeks have been bonkers for everyone. Go ahead and read this next sentence in an enthusiastic Oprah voice, “You get a struggle and YOU get a struggle. Struggles ALL around!”

women talking holding coffee cups.jpg

I hear you and I understand.

Honestly, I do. Women understand universal struggles and the problems that everybody deals with sooner or later. We just forget to lift our head up and look around at others who might just be starting what we survived.

Whether we actively support one another or not, we understand you have a lot going on in your life. You know why?? Because every single person pulling themselves out of bed eventually feels a leaded weight on their heart and hears hostile voices in their head. We all do.

We know what you’re facing because it’s in everything you post (or don’t post.) We see how consumed you are at work. We see your weary bones taking care of your little ones. We can tell how distracted you are at the grocery store. We see your worried expression in the rear view mirror in the car pick up line. We see you. We understand you because every human has a little piece of another human’s struggle. We have common ground in many things but we forget that others have problems so much like ours.

But you know what else we have?


Because somewhere, someone has faced what you’re facing. Right this minute thousands of others have either just completed or dragging themselves through the struggle’s finish line.

Maybe you’re facing something you’re overwhelmed by or maybe you just overcame a problem that at first you thought was insurmountable. Either way, pull up to the table and join us.

We need you. All of you. Every single one of you has survived something that someone else is paralyzed by and can’t bear to face the thousands of steps to get through it. They’re terrified of the first few steps. But you know how and you can help her. Someone else has an answer, a short cut or a tip. Someone has made the journey you’re afraid to begin.

If you’re struggling with something let’s make a connection and start the conversation in the comments. Someone will know who to call, what to read or where to start.

Let’s come together.

When we ask “how are you?” let’s really listen.

(This post was inspired by Lisa Leshaw)