Who Says THAT about Teenage Boys?

Who says teenage boys are full of themselves? Who says guys in the deepest trenches of puberty are self-centered and careless with words and emotions?

Not I.

Sparkling Ice and Flower.jpg

Who says young men on the doorstep to adulthood don’t understand social issues, politics or the difference kindness can make to someone else?

Not I.

My son finished his ICE drink when he was at work. On the way to the recycling bin, he found a discarded flower near the trash can. He filled up the bottle with water and placed the dying bloom inside. After work, he brought it home to his little sister.

Who says young men don’t have the capacity to express their feelings, show compassion or offer a kind gesture?

Not I.

If we want to raise up men who are gentle and thoughtful, make sure you pay attention to the little things and tell them those things are the best things.