Daring to Bloom Despite Your Conditions

azalea in the cold.jpg

Have you had a week like mine?

I’m gonna’ be real here....This hasn’t been the best of weeks in our home. Our family unit has rallied. We’ve persevered. But along the way we’ve struggled through difficult and painful adversities.

Just like you, we are a family of *we* so when one of our family four pack crashes down, the rest of us inevitably have the gravel on our hands and the skin ripped off our knee. We all feel it.

In the same week, we’ve been isolated and passed over, then whiplashed into the glare of harsh spotlight we didn’t deserve. We’ve felt abandoned by those closest to us and struggled to make the friend connection we thought we had. We’ve been challenged by our own shaming self-talk and questioned our contributions in our tiny part of the world.

We’ve climbed over mountains of embarrassment, trudged our way through hurt feelings, fallen into various pits of despair and still managed to dig our way out of all of the mess, the hard conversations, and finding the good in the bad.

We are here even though we’ve had a few days of feeling like “would anyone care if we weren’t?” We are mending our battle scars and hoping for better. That’s all we want. Not great. Not outstanding. Just hoping for better than the last few days have been.

Today, I came home from work at lunch and spotted this Azalea bloom in our backyard. It’s been raining so you can see the raindrops on the petals. We live in the south but it’s cold and November. This bloom would not be denied its moment. It came through and bloomed on a bush...alone. Every thing in the yard is either dead, or dying or covered in leaves but this Azalea said I’m not done. I’m still here. I will bloom despite the adverse conditions.

And so will our family and yours...

We will find a way to focus on all the good instead of the bad. We are grateful for the trials because they give us strength and perspective when times are harder than this. We thank God for loving our family and we thank Him for the reminder that blooms happen in His time, not when it makes sense to us.