Believe Your Children To Be Good

Awhile back we found two lamps for our daughter Sophie's room. They were absolutely perfect! We finally found a set that would match her room, make her happy and appeal to our budget. Fast forward to later that night at dinner, I asked our son (rather enthusiastically) if he'd seen his sisters new lamps and if he likes them?!?

He responded (by mocking my enthusiasm) “What am I gonna say? Wow, look at what good ol’ Thomas Edison invented?"

A & S on the beach 2018.jpg

Snark is strong with this one.

But that’s not the story I want to tell you. Our son is 16 years old. He’s a guy who likes being a little crusty but some days his heart can’t help but shine through his outwardly brave exterior.

Last night as I climbed the stairs to our bedroom, I saw my daughter’s phone on one of the steps. Earlier she had forgotten it downstairs so I rested between the rungs on one of the steps so she’d see it the next time she went to her room.

Moments before I went upstairs I heard my son go ahead of me. He would’ve seen the phone, stepped over it and climbed the rest of the flight.

As I picked up the phone to carry it to my daughter’s room, I called out, “Son???”


“Could you have picked up your sister’s phone instead of just stepping over it on the way upstairs?”


As I rounded the corner I saw my son and daughter in her room staring at a laptop.

“What are y’all doing?”

Without looking up, he says, “Sophie is having a hard time finding the homework module for math and I’m showing her where it is and how to get there.”

Sophie’s wide smile told me she was as surprised as I was.

He said, “There! It’s right here. Do you see?”

She looked at the screen and said, “Oh yay! Thank you Bubby!”

Mom - 0
Son - 1

Just when I think I need to fuss about being insensitive or unhelpful, my son astounds me with his adult behavior.

If you believe them to be good, they will be —and sometimes they will be, even if you don’t.