Social Media - Apples and Oranges



Social Media is great for keeping up with friends and watching cat videos but our addiction has caught a virus that’s making our relationships unhealthy. You know that thing that happens when someone announces their position on a fevered topic then another person comments below about a completely different issue as a counter position?



Here’s an example: Say you have a friend upset over animal abuse. They post that they want the abuser brought to justice. Someone else comments that compassion and justice for an animal shouldn’t be as critical of an issue as the life of an unborn child.

These are separate issues and they are both worth valid discussions but one has absolutely no bearing on the other. One cause has nothing to do with the other belief system.

The same philosophy applies to giving accolades. When someone suggests that another person is a hero, they are not nullifying someone else's credibility of being a hero. There are many types of heroes, leaders, and torchbearers. None of them take away admiration of another person. You can respect more than one — and we often do for different reasons.

Opinions and beliefs are powerful components of the human condition. Supporting one issue will not decrease the value of another separate issue. Let’s harness our passion for the topics we believe in and go to work FOR it. Only stating what we’re against isn’t nearly as productive.

Let's not take away from one to stand for another.

Apples can be apples.
Oranges can be oranges

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