Honest as a Sun Visor Mirror

sun visor mirror.jpg

There is nothing more honest than a car's sun visor mirror.


I drove into the parking spot at the imaging center. It was time for my annual mammogram. My check-ups started a little earlier for me since we have a family history. *Even though this post is not about breast cancer - let it serve as a reminder and a nudge that you need to schedule yours if you've put it off.*

I pulled down the sun visor and flipped open the mirror. In an effort to be as authentic as possible - I could explain away my face's reflection and say that the noonday sunlight was harsh or that I had just left a crazy day at work and I was feeling a bit haggard, or that my salon hair color visit is in a just a few days. I could even admit that I am mid-forties and this is what I look like. But a car sun visor mirror does not lie. It reflects what it sees.

The mirror made me think about what honesty looks like -- when you face the truth of something that's unpleasant in your life. When's the last time you were as honest with yourself as that car mirror is? Level with yourself? Get real? Deal with whatever you've been avoiding or sweeping under the rug or putting off for another day?

We're supposed to be our own best friends -- our loudest cheerleader and our harshest critic -- but I'm not talking about pom-poms or fault-finding. I want you to consider if you've been honest about a toxic relationship? A doctor's appointment you NEED to make? A phone call or a visit that you've been putting off? Getting your finances in order? Saying you're sorry? Make the hard decision to let someone go? When will you be honest with yourself about whatever it is that you haven't faced until you really studied your reflection in the truthful mirror?

It made me start thinking and maybe it'll help you too.



(P.S. Schedule your mammogram.)